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What about Santa Claus?

Do you believe in Santa Claus? No, Father. Why not? He is a myth, a made-up fantasy for children. The same is true of most of what you strive for. The perfect spouse, the perfect house, the perfect vacation, the…

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What awaits in Heaven?

What is the host of Heaven? All those that live in Heaven...that's my guess. The host of Heaven is the totality of my creation before and apart from earth, before and apart from this universe. It is diverse and beautiful…

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Look forward, not back.

Do not look back. Only look forward. I am forward. The Enemy is back. My mercies are new every morning, and each day has enough worry of its own. Each day is its own lifetime, starting new and fresh and…

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Why do you pray for healing?

Let's talk about healing. Why do you pray for healing? Because we are hurting, physically or emotionally, or those around us are, and we long for relief from the pain. Why else? Sometimes we want to see your power at…

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