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Do you know why I sit on my throne, demanding worship?

[I awoke this morning with an unusual amount of anxiety…a sense of pressure in my gut where it seems things are pressing in around me]

Lord, what is this anxiety, this feeling?

Do you want me to take care of it?

Please Father.

Close your eyes and walk into my throne room. Who is sitting on the throne in majesty and power?

You are, Lord.

Anyone else?

No Lord.

Look around the room. What do you see? What do you feel?

I see beauty, wealth, power, majesty, wonder. I feel worship all around you.

Do l look afraid? Do you see any fear in this great room?

None Lord. I see one who is unassailable, drenched in power and glory. Someone who is clearly in charge and unafraid. Yet somehow still loving, humble, kind, and gracious. How do you do that?!

It is who I Am. Do you know why I sit on this throne, bathed in power and wealth? Do you think I need this? If I did need it, do you think my Son would have come in the manner that he did, poor and unassuming? If we needed your worship and respect, would my Son have silently endured persecution, torture, mocking, and crucifixion? No, we did what you needed us to do when you needed us to do it. When the situation called for humility and sacrifice, we came as a lamb being led to the slaughter, quietly enduring shame and pain on your behalf. No, my son, I don’t sit on this throne bathed in power and riches, demanding worship, because I need it, but because you do. You need a rock to which you can cling, a strong tower in which to hide. You need to see and know that I, and I alone, am on this throne and always will be. You need to see ever so clearly that NO ONE can oppose me or challenge me, and that anyone or anything that does will be crushed. I sit on this majestic throne for YOUR sake. I call you to worship because YOU need it. I bring you to your knees so that you will look up and see that the TRUE power of the universe is filled with love and compassion and kindness and strength. It is for YOU. It is ALL for you. This is the Lord.

Wow and amen! And you were right – the anxiety is gone. All I see and feel now is You.

Now you see. Look at me, worship me, and the rest melts away or shrinks into insignificance.

I see. Thank you. There are no words…

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