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Why am I so sad right now???

Father, why am I so sad right now?

You have prayed for humility. There is no humility without sadness, pain, suffering, loneliness, discomfort. Humility is an inward confession that you cannot handle things, that you have needs you cannot fill…that you are not enough. This hurts, and it is sad. But it leads to humility – taking your eyes off of yourself and fixing them on me as your only source of hope to fill these voids. This is why you are sad. I am allowing you to be acutely aware of all that is empty and needful within your soul, and how truly hopeless are your own efforts to fill them or even appease them. It is sad, even tragic. You are desperate. I am your answer, your only hope. The more fully you grasp and own this, the more humble you are.

I see. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. I love you Jesus, so very much.

And I love you my son. I love you too.

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