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I Am Separating the Wheat from the Chaff…

I am starting a movement of my remnant in the U.S. in Birmingham. I will be separating the wheat from the chaff. There is no more reason for my saints to seek power and acceptance, and there is no more reason for my enemies to pretend they are friends. I am pouring out my Spirit on Birmingham. This will excite and energize those that are truly mine, and it will enrage those who are not. This is how you will know the difference. Those who resist this work, who resist the discomfort caused by the move of my Spirit, are not mine. Those who lean into it, embrace it, and long for more…they belong to me. For your part, don’t be concerned either way. Don’t be dismayed by those who resist or surprised by those who embrace. Each day seek guidance and I will grant it. Do not get caught up in all I am doing or seek to understand its implications. Your job is simply to do your job. No more and no less. You no longer seek glory or position or even acknowledgment horizontally, so you are free to serve in any way that I ask. This is true freedom, and you are now living in it. I know it was a painful process – death always is. But now that you have died you can truly and fully live. Well done! Now we’ve got work to do. Listen and obey. This is the Lord.

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