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Work Life

Work Life was designed through the collaborative efforts of The Chalmers Center, Advance Memphis, and Jobs for Life. It is a biblically integrated job preparedness curriculum designed specifically for people from backgrounds of generational poverty. In addition to practical job skills, the curriculum empowers participants to recognize that God is at work in the world and that their jobs are a way of participating in that work.



Powered for Life

Powered for Life (“PFL”) is a 16 session curriculum created by JFL which provides Christian organizations the tools necessary to train and equip 16-23 year old disadvantaged or at-risk youth to obtain meaningful employment and the abundance of God’s provision. PFL is a powerful tool to lead young people to know who God is, uncover their gifts and talents, live with purpose, and help them dream for the future. Similar to adult JFL, mentors are very important in building the student’s support network.


Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life (“JFL”) is a national organization based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Clerestory has adopted and implemented JFL’s 16-session training curriculum teaching timeless biblical principles concerning work and the ways those principles are applied in the marketplace. Along with the training, every JFL student is joined in the class by one or more mentors who provide friendship and support both during the training and once the student is employed. Perhaps the most important means of finding and keeping a job is “who you know.” Many JFL students do not have a “who you know” network that can advocate for them and provide support to help them overcome barriers in their lives keeping them from success. With this training and support system, churches and community organizations around the country are transforming lives and providing a reliable, trustworthy workforce to meet the pressing employment needs of companies in their area.



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