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Clerestory, Inc. is an Alabama non-profit corporation that was approved in June 2011 as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Clerestory (f/k/a Milo Group, Inc.) was formed in January 2011 by Greg Mixon in order to provide a vehicle through which economic development and related initiatives for the benefit of the poor and at-risk could be implemented. Clerestory’s focus is on long-term, relationally-based developmental solutions for the materially poor, rather than on shorter-term, relief-based efforts. This focus is the primary litmus behind every decision made, and every program initiated, by Clerestory leadership.


Clerestory’s leaders recognized several years ago a problem, a “hole” if you will, in Birmingham’s poverty assistance community. Millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours are being poured annually into massive relief efforts in the city. However, once an individual, family or group reaches a point that they no longer want to depend on relief assistance and are ready to work and support themselves, it is extremely difficult to find a realistic path out of that hole and into sustainable economic opportunity. Thus, the massive resources dedicated to “relief” seem largely incomplete as people continue to cycle through that system over and over again. Through its various economic initiatives, Clerestory seeks to break this cycle by providing a realistic and redeeming path out from under the crushing weight of poverty and hopelessness and into dignity, work and holistic restoration. The graphic below shows a picture of this Clerestory Path made possible through its various programs, initiatives and volunteer efforts.

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2 Perimeter Park South
Suite 550E
Birmingham, AL 35243


(205) 542-2570

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