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Clerestory, Inc. is an Alabama non-profit corporation that was approved in June 2011 as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Clerestory (f/k/a Milo Group, Inc.) was formed in January 2011 by Greg Mixon in order to provide a vehicle through which economic development and related initiatives for the benefit of the poor and at-risk could be implemented. Clerestory’s focus is on ensuring that churches making disciples of Jesus Christ among the materially poor and marginalized in under-resourced parts of the city, as well as the non-profits that support these churches, have the resources needed to pursue this critical work. This focus is the primary litmus test behind every decision made by Clerestory leadership.



Clerestory’s vision is to be a platform to raise awareness of the unique and critical mission of true-gospel churches on the ground doing the work of making disciples among the poor and marginalized, and to focus Christian charity toward disciple-making churches and the non-profits that support them.  Clerestory carries out this vision by utilizing more than a dozen years of on-the-ground experience to provide financial and logistical support through consulting, access to volunteers, expertise and services to churches and non-profits in particular areas of specialized need, especially in the area of economic development and assistance to individuals walking a path to financial self-sufficiency.


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44 Inverness Center Parkway
Suite 140
Birmingham, AL 35242
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