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When earth became a war zone…

From the moment humanity chose rebellion and to go its own way, the earth ceased to be a garden and became a war zone. The war is the battle over the hearts and minds of men and women, and the rules are that there are no rules. The warfare is total and is not limited to armored men on a battlefield. It is men, women, and children. Marriages, homes, schools, hospitals. Total warfare, with no safe zones. But Jesus changed the rules of engagement, and made the outcome certain. Until then, Satan had hope that he could win with this creation and carve out a lasting kingdom for himself. He convinced his followers of this, and he thought he could leverage God’s love for humanity into something for himself. God allowed this as part of His eternal plan for a true and lasting family. But Satan didn’t know this, and by the time he did it was too late. Now God’s eternal family has been redeemed, Satan’s fate (and those of his followers) has been sealed, and all he has left is lashing out and inflicting pain. He still holds hope that God will change his mind, turn completely away from humanity and onto something else, and leave the earth to him and his dominion. But it is not going to happen. I, the Lord, will see this through to the end. My full family will be gathered. This earth in its current form will be brought to an end. Satan will be locked away and punished for all time, along with those who chose him. And true reality, renewed reality, will commence. This war will end, and soon. Do not be overly troubled by this place; its time is almost up. Fix your eyes instead on me and on the hope of Heaven. This is the Lord.

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