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Do you know why I love the poor so much?

Do you know why I love the poor so much?

Why Lord?

Because I do. Why do you love what you love? Not everything has to have deep, thoughtful significance. You love what you love, and so do I. I could tell you what I love about the poor: awareness of need, dependence on others, love of community, concern for the plight of others, the re-ordering of priorities, the lack of dependence on materiality for significance and joy, the love and closeness of family, the sheer simplicity of it! The truth is that you are all so very poor because of your sin and fallenness…surviving on scraps of peace and joy, trying to fill your Grand Canyon of thirst with a few drops of water, running around like mad men trying to find that which is freely offered in Christ. But the materially rich are so blinded by their arrogance and entitlement that they have no idea how truly desperate and needful they are. So poor, so desperate, so in need…but having no idea while they make the slow march to eternal damnation. In Scripture, do I constantly warn the poor or the rich? So many in and around the church that are wealthy will be surprised on That Day, the day of judgment. And make no mistake, that day is coming, and quickly. As you know, it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Why do the rich who attend my church not tremble in fear of this? Why do they not seek to give away all they have to avoid even the possibility of this fate? Is the lake house worth it? The beach condo? The car? The membership? The accolades and acknowledgment? Can moth and rust and time not destroy these things? Wake up and see the truth. You are in great peril. You see your riches as a sign of blessing but they could very well be your doom. Read my Word. Hear and obey. This is the Lord.

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