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Why do you think I ask you to “be still” to know that I am God?

Why do you think I ask you to “be still” to know that I am God?

Why Lord?

Because you run around so frantically trying to be your own god. So anxious, so active, so fretful, so worried. Scheming, planning, climbing, pursuing. To what end? What is it you seek so desperately? Why so much striving, worrying what others think, seeking status and acknowledgment? Desiring to “build a legacy.” What is all this? That is not a rhetorical question.

I don’t really know. I’m not sure we actually stop and think about it very often.

Exactly! In your own small way you are living out your fleshly legacy, the legacy of Adam and Lucifer. To be your own god, to carve out your own little kingdom that is yours to rule. It is the natural craving of your sinful nature. The way to combat this is to be still – quiet, unmoving, listening. Cease striving for your small, temporary kingdom. Be still and know instead that I am God. And then seek first my kingdom and my righteousness…and in its proper place all these other things you sought will be added as well. Not the temporary or self-seeking parts that moth and rust destroy or that draw you away from truth. But the real and enduring things: love, peace, joy, respect, hope, happiness, Godly legacy. So be still, my son. Be still and know that I, and only I, am God. This is the Lord.

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