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Why knowing that I alone am Lord is the essence of wisdom.

I Am the Lord. No other. This is by far the most important thing. To know this is wisdom.

Yes Father. I see that.

Do you know why knowing that I alone am Lord is Wisdom?

Why Lord?

It is the central truth on which all existence is based. Miss or fail to grasp this one thing – that Yahweh is Lord over all – and nothing else really makes any sense. But know deeply this central truth, and even if you know little else your life will have order and meaning and purpose. To know and believe, and live in fear and awe of, this one simple but profound truth, is to have more insight and knowledge and understanding of the universe and existence and all of its complexities than the most brilliant scientists and learned philosophers. To know this – I Am the Lord – is truly the heart of all wisdom.

Amen. Thank you for the great gift of knowing you as Lord.

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