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Why I want you to look up and try to count the stars…

Do you know why, so often in Scripture, I describe something’s vastness or innumerability by saying they are as vast or numerous as the stars in the heavens?

Why Lord?

Because I want you to look up. I want you to be aware of your smallness, and my great and immeasurable power. Not to humiliate you, but to grant you a visual picture of all that is on your side, all that is for you. Who can oppose the One who stretched the stars across the heavens? Who can stand against the creator of the universe? Hint: no one! Do you really think any person or thing on this earth can frustrate me, confuse me, perplex me? Is it really possible for anything to happen without my stamp of approval? This is very different than causing it, or being in favor of it. I hate evil. I hate that so often you choose evil over good, sin over righteousness. I allow it, as part of my eternal plan to have an everlasting family full of mutual love and joy and admiration…a true family. So I allow you to make horrible choices, though I warn and discipline and implore you to do otherwise. But I allow it, and you must trust me that it is good and will one day make sense. This is the Lord.

All praise and glory and honor to my King. Amen.

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