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Freedom through submission…life in the upside down Kingdom…

The Lord alone is good. The Lord alone is holy. The Lord alone is worthy to sit on the throne. Depend on the Lord for your goodness, your holiness, your guidance and provision. Don’t trust me for your goodness and holiness, and then trust yourself with running your life, with provision and guidance. Trust me for all of it. I know this is humbling, but even more so it is freeing! You are now free because you fully trust me and rest in me. As you fully submit to me, do you feel more empowered, or less? More in control, or less?

Ironically, and quite obviously when I really consider it, the more submitted I am to you the less trapped and imprisoned I feel.

Yes! Because I am a good Father and a gracious King, and I want only good things for you. I made you! I designed you! I know what you need and want more than you ever will. I know the devastation that sin and rebellion brings about. The horror that you see all over the world is not my hand, it is the consequence of sin and rebellion. When Satan loses his power to blind you then this is obvious. There are only two choices: serve him, or serve me. To serve yourself is to serve him. To serve me is to save and free yourself. Boil it all down and these are your only two choices. Serve me alone, and live in the freedom that my Holy Spirit provides. This is the Lord.

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