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A right posture of prayer…

Close your eyes and let your mind and spirit walk into my throne room, where I sit as God and Lord over all things. Stand before my Son on my right, and in the presence of my Spirit that fills and surrounds all. Now kneel and look up. What do you see?

I see beauty and wonder. I see power and love. I see the greatest of Kings…and a kind Father. I see acceptance, and I see that I am known. Not a small and distant servant. I see familiarity. I see history, the knowing look you get from someone you’ve known your whole life, with whom you have been through so much. Words are hardly necessary because it is obvious that He knows everything. All that you’ve been through and felt and experienced.

Yes, you see it well. Now stand, look into my eyes – the eyes of complete power and majesty and love – and say what you need to say and ask what you have come to ask. This is the posture of prayer. Reverence and familiarity. Awe and kindness. Power and love. This is the Lord.

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