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Why cardinals and hawks?

Do you know why I send birds and butterflies, cardinals and hawks, to encourage and remind you of my presence and protection?

Because they belong to you, answer to you, and obey you?

You cannot see my face and live. I am holy, glorious, and you are fallen. And while you have been declared justified because of my Son, and you are continually sanctified (and thus sin is constantly stripped away), its stink is still on you and could not survive my presence. Not yet. So I send my invisible but clearly discernible Spirit. I send my Son to be clothed with flesh for a time. And I send birds and butterflies. This is not to be coy or cute, but because sin cannot survive in the fullness of my presence. So until your flesh is finally put to death (physically as well as spiritually) and your eternal, justified soul can be encased in an undying, heavenly body unmarred and untainted by sin, you cannot survive my full presence. Soon you will be with me in all my fullness and glory, when it is safe for you to do so. In the meantime, be comforted and contented by my voice, my presence in Spirit, and by visits of wind and birds and butterflies. I am King and Lord over all creation; from the largest to the smallest it obeys my voice. Live in anxious but patient waiting, for we will be together soon. This is the Lord.

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