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Why didn’t Josiah turn the tide of your wrath?

Why didn’t Josiah’s reforms (as King of Israel) turn the tide of your wrath?

It did in a sense. Josiah’s humility caused me to tarry, to wait. He was a good and earnest man, his heart was right, but it was too late. The decision had been made and it was only a matter of time. It is why I brought him home early, while he was young – it was time for my wrath and discipline to be poured out and set in motion and I did not want a king on the throne that was wholeheartedly serving me to endure what was to come. Josiah was a blip, an aberration, not a turning of the tide. It was time for my people to suffer, for the sake of the entire world. Look at the mighty, enduring and eternal Kingdom I have wrought through that rebellious and stubborn people. As the last of Israel’s power and wealth was stripped away, as its people were taken in chains to a far away land while only the poor remained behind to tend the fields and vineyards for the sake of Babylon, would anyone have envisioned an unending Kingdom of billions over multiple millenia with power and wealth beyond comprehension reaching across every nation, language, race, ethnicity and culture? Who but the true King and Lord could do this? Hint: no one. So trust me. And place nothing beyond my reach. This is the Lord.

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