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[In the middle of a rather lengthy conversation with the Holy Spirit about a number of different things, He stopped me and asked me to write a few things down…]

This is the part I want you to write down. Trust me. With everything. Always. Everything. Always. No exceptions. I cannot express how important this is. Look at my servant David. He loved me with his whole heart, but he got into trouble when he did not trust me and took things into his own hands. Resist this impulse, whether born of fear or pride. This is the legacy of Satan – not trusting me, wanting to go his own way without me. Needless to say, it does not end well. Trust me. Trust me. Trust me! This is the Lord.

Father, how am I not trusting you?

I speak mostly of what is to come, moving forward. Trust me, and all will be well. Try to “take over” when things seem difficult or bleak…disaster. Keep this admonition front and center: trust me…always.

What do I need to better know and understand about trusting you?

It is the trust of a small child with a good and loving and powerful father. He goes to bed each night without fear or worry. He wakes each morning with wonder and excitement to be with his father and to see what the new day holds. He walks through each day without anxiety or concern about provision, food, clothes, enemies, disaster…not while his dad is around. And if he does have a moment of fear or anxiety he just looks up at his dad. If his dad says there’s nothing to fear, “I got this”, then the child’s anxiety ceases.

This is trust. Take this in deeply. Live it out. And feel and know my peace. This is the part of Heaven that starts now. This is the treasure hidden in a field, and the pearl of great price. This is what I have for you. Will you accept it? Will you live it? Will you embrace it? To do so is to enter Heaven now – you don’t have to wait. Heaven can begin now, if you trust in me at all times, with all things. This is the Lord.

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