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Pride and Fear – who knew they were so related?

Do you know why I told David to take a census of Israel, and then punished Israel for this as a great sin?

This is 2 Samuel 24. I did not really understand that.

David’s heart was filled with pride over all that he ruled, over his power. He ceased giving glory to me. And this was true of all Israel. I gave them peace, wealth and power, and they forgot where it came from. They were full of themselves. As a result, the sin that required punishment had already been committed. The census was merely the manifestation of the pride, a means by which it could be more clearly seen. I gave David over to the desire of his heart in that case, and he knew it – that is why he accepted the need for discipline. The census revealed the pride and self-glory that was already there, and because he was sensitive to my Spirit and hated sin he saw it and repented.

Pride is a constant battle, an ever-present enemy. It makes war on your soul and all that is good and holy all the time…it is relentless and unmerciful in its pursuit of your soul and mind and heart. Pride is Satan’s greatest and most powerful weapon. Pride is Satan, and Satan is pride. It is the belief that you can live and exist and thrive apart from me, without needing anyone or anything (especially your God). Pride is the most deadly thing in the universe. To cast out pride is to forsake the devil himself. Be always attuned to pride where and when it seeks to sneak in…or bash the door down (which is its preference). Hate it, shun it, run from it…recognize it, repent of it, respect its power but do not fear it. Fear me, and only me, for this is the path toward humility and away from pride. Even fear of anyone or anything other than me is evidence of pride, for it reveals that you are acting alone, not fully submitted to me, trusting me, and under my protection. It means you are not believing that whatever comes has been approved by me for your good and my glory and thus are not afraid it, whatever temporal loss or pain it brings. The truly humble are fearless of the things of this world…not because they are immune to loss and pain but because they trust and fear only me. So, if you struggle with fear, confess your pride and repent of it. Come to me with your fear and lay it it at my feet. I am a good and loving Father and I hold all things in my hands as easily as you hold the pen with which you are writing. So trust me, and you will see. Taste and see that the Lord is good.


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