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Sovereignty is not Micro-Management…

What do you want me to know or better understand?

You need to better understand my “sovereignty” and what that means. It means that I am boss, and that all things and all people in the Universe bow and surrender to me, one way or another. It means that nothing happens that I don’t allow to happen, and that no one and no thing can thwart or upset my desires, plan, or will. It does not mean that I micro-manage the lives and daily decisions of those made in my image. They are free to choose the type of life they want to have – both on earth and in eternity. It is true that you would never choose me if I did not pursue you, hard. But do not believe for a minute that there is no accountability or justice for the choices you make. Set aside the limitations of your own finite reasoning and comprehension and instead read the totality of Scripture as if it is all true. Don’t emphasize portions that fit your chosen narrative and minimize others that don’t. Take it in its totality, for exactly what it says, whether you can wrap your limited mind around it or not, and it will be clear. I am completely in charge, and you cannot stop or even disrupt me. You are completely accountable for every decision you make, and every decision and life choice greatly affects your life here and in the Kingdom to come. You don’t have to understand it. You simply have to live out of it. This is the Lord.

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