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Why do you pray for healing?

Let’s talk about healing. Why do you pray for healing?

Because we are hurting, physically or emotionally, or those around us are, and we long for relief from the pain.

Why else?

Sometimes we want to see your power at work, physical evidence that you are real and you are here.

Yes. That is why my Son declared his presence by healing. You are in a place of pain. This is Satan’s legacy and consequence. My Kingdom is bringing an end to sin, and thus to pain and suffering. So sometimes I heal dramatically as a reminder. My Kingdom is coming and is in fact here. I will not heal everyone that is in pain all the time. Trust me that this is best. But sometimes I will, simply to remind you that I am here and that all pain will end soon. So ask. I love to answer when it is good to do so…and that is more often than you think! This is the Lord.

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