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Surrender that Leads to Peace like a River

Do you see how the peace flows through you now, surrounds and fills you? This is what true surrender feels like. This is what “dying that you may truly live” feels like. Your only desires are the ones I have for you, your only longings those that I would give you. So what is there to fear? This world can no longer hurt you. It can sadden you, but when it does it will only cause you to long for Heaven, for what comes next, even more, meaning this world and its empty offerings will have lost even more of its grip on you. This is what it is to be truly and fully mine. You live in the light, seeing ultimate reality for what it truly is…and this world and its machinations for what they truly are – the final convulsions of a dying animal whose time is almost up. Continue to let it go, and peace will continue to flow. Peace like a river. Peace that passes understanding. This is the Lord.

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