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What does it mean to have “freedom in Christ”?

What does it mean to have freedom in Christ?

Freedom in Christ means freedom from the brutal influence of sin on your soul. Sin brings about insecurity, fear, worry, doubt, angst, anger, bitterness, weariness, hopelessness. It takes your experiences of pain, and pain in the fallen world around you, and produces all of those feelings. It creates a desperation for relief from the hurt and fear and pain of it all…but it prevents you from looking to the one place where true relief and hope may be found – Jesus Christ – and turns your gaze horizontal to spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, money, technology, alcohol, drugs, entertainment, sports. The crushing weight of hopeful expectation that sin causes us to put on these wholly inadequate objects of hope causes them to wilt, shrink, retaliate or flee under the burden of it.

The freedom granted by Christ obliterates all of this. When we fully and finally throw the full weight of expectant hope and need on Christ, he fields it cleanly, like scooping up an easy ground ball. We are at first a little shocked that it was all accepted so fully and easily, and then freedom rushes in. And what a freedom it is. To need no one and no thing but Jesus…and to have Him! Then sin loses its power and all the things we used to crush with need and expectation can simply be enjoyed in all their wonderful insufficiency. This is true freedom, and it is glorious. All praise and honor and glory to the God of Heaven. Amen!

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