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What do you think of Christmas, as celebrated in America?

What do you think of Christmas, as celebrated in America?

I love it, for the most part. You know how much I love a good celebration, and what better to celebrate than the arrival of the True King and the defeat of Satan! Of course it gets distorted – that is all the prince of this world can do – but for an entire season the whole country stops to celebrate the coming of my Son. As commercialized and distorted as it is, it is still beautiful and magical. Who would want to live in a world without Christmas?

What about the giving of gifts?

It is like many things in a fallen world – good and pure intentions warped by the Father of Lies. Give gifts out of a pure and loving heart, seeking nothing in return, and it is beautiful. Give gifts as a downpayment on some return you seek, and they become ugly.

Is there anything else I need to know about Christmas?

Lead your family into worship. It is a day of worship, not self-indulgence. Enjoy, celebrate, and most of all, worship Your King! Then your joy will be complete and peace will reign in your soul.

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