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What awaits in Heaven?

What is the host of Heaven?

All those that live in Heaven…that’s my guess.

The host of Heaven is the totality of my creation before and apart from earth, before and apart from this universe. It is diverse and beautiful and beyond imagination. You will be shocked and overwhelmed when you see it. You think earth is beautiful and diverse? Just wait! And when Heaven and Earth come together, so will all this beauty and wonder and amazing diversity. But then I will have a loving and amazing family with whom to enjoy it for all eternity. Oh, it is going to be wonderful, and you are going to love it! The best cigars, the most luscious wines, the choicest meats, succulent fruits…beauty and wonder everywhere! Keep all this in mind as you endure the pains of sanctification and the devastating effects of sin. This is what lies ahead, and soon! So endure saints. Endure with joy and peace and love. For wonder beyond imagining awaits! This is the Lord.

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