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What about Santa Claus?

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

No, Father.

Why not?

He is a myth, a made-up fantasy for children.

The same is true of most of what you strive for. The perfect spouse, the perfect house, the perfect vacation, the perfect day, the perfect family…the perfect life. A myth, a fantasy no less impossible or unreal than Santa Claus. Make-believe for children. And yet you pursue it as if it is real. And you are partially correct. You are pursuing Heaven, the place and life for which you were made. It is hard-wired into your DNA and into your consciousness. And so you look for it your whole life. But you will not find it here. Your rebellion and fall, and the devastation of sin, saw to that. And because you won’t believe and accept the truth – that the consequence of your rebellion and sin is that Heaven is not attainable to you apart from Christ, and even in Christ only at the end of all things. So stop believing in the Santa Claus of the perfect anything in this fallen world. Instead believe in Jesus, and cling to and rely on Him in the waiting. For though He does not grant your Heaven now, He does offer the peace and strength to endure until Heaven comes. This is the Lord.

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