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Why is the Kingdom of God like a mustard seed?

All of God’s people experience Him differently.  I often experience the Holy Spirit in a conversation, and recently He led me to start posting some of our conversations.  I speak in italics, and our Lord in bold print. click here to read about how this series came to be.

Why is the Kingdom of God like a mustard seed?

What did I say?

Because though it seems small, it grows to be the largest tree in the garden.

So it is in your time. The forces of Satan appear to be overwhelmingly winning. My Kingdom appears small and shrinking. It is not so. It grows below the surface, and it manifests in a way that is difficult to see if you do not have eyes to see it. In truth my Kingdom flourishes and my family grows, day after day. And it is alive in the hearts of my children. They do not seek, and they care not for, the spotlight. The only attention they seek is mine and the only spotlight they crave is my grace. My Kingdom advances daily, make no mistake. My family will be made whole, filled with every tribe, nation and language. And then I will return to judge for all time Satan and his followers. At that time the full weight, might, majesty and power of my Kingdom will be revealed. Until then, it is like a mustard seed, growing under the soil, preparing to explode at just the right time.

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