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The Kingdom of God is for Children

All of God’s people experience Him differently.  I often experience the Holy Spirit in a conversation, and recently He led me to start posting some of our conversations.  I speak in italics, and our Lord in bold print. click here to read about how this series came to be.

The Kingdom of God is for children, and one must have the heart of a child to receive it. Children have been less indoctrinated by the prince of this earth and his minions and weapons and devices. They remain protected, sheltered from the evil of this world – its lies, distortions, and upside down teachings. They are less warped by its pains and abuses that cause people to believe there is no God and no hope. They still instinctively have faith and believe in things they cannot see, in goodness, in love and trust and hope. Enough of my imprint remains on them, less affected by the ravages of the alternate kingdom, to sit in my lap and just love me and enjoy being with me…with our time together being the only reward required or desired. This is how you are to come to me – as a child. But first you must be healed sufficiently by my Holy Spirit for this to even be possible. And this is why it is so important to teach and train your children while they are young, so that my Word and my truth can take root and grow before the weeds and rot of this world attack in force. The deeper the roots once the world comes against them, the better the chance they will withstand the storm. This is the Lord.

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