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Patience Born of the Holy Spirit

All of God’s people experience Him differently.  I often experience the Holy Spirit in a conversation, and recently He led me to start posting some of our conversations.  I speak in italics, and our Lord in bold print. click here to read about how this series came to be.

Why do I struggle to relax?  Why do I so often feel in a hurry?

The first thing you need to know is that I am never in a hurry, never in a rush, never frantic.  That is simply not me.  There are so few truly important things that must be done each day that there is always plenty of time.  Most, really all, that you are rushing about to complete are not all that important to me.  Are you in a hurry?  There is a good chance you are not on my schedule.

I will teach you patience.  There is so much beauty in it.  It is utterly unappreciated in your society, but it is beautiful.  Patience is like a clock, ticking slowly, never increasing its pace, but always achieving its goals.  The ticking clock is unchanged and unhurried by circumstance, it simply keeps doing what it was created to do.  This is the simple beauty of a life marked by patience.  It is consistent, reliable, dependable…holy.

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