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What does God think about Fun, and Loneliness?

Anything you would like to discuss today?

I want to talk about you. Tell me something about you that I could better know or understand?

I love to have fun. I am a person – you are made in my image. Why do you think having fun, laughing, humor, entertainment, stories, are so important to you? Because you are like me! Remember, Satan can only distort, not create. So he did not invent fun, he has only warped it. I invented it, and I love it. Eternity will be more fun than you have ever had on earth…you will see. It will be awesome and devoid of shame and guilt once sin is finally removed – all sin does is mess everything up. Sin does not enhance fun, it warps and detracts from it. You will see…I can’t wait!

Very cool. What else?

I have dealt with loneliness, way back in eternity past. That is why I create! And Jesus experienced loneliness while on earth. So I understand it, and I hate it. That is why I have built your existence around wanting and needing community and relationship. Because while relationships are hard, loneliness is harder! So the Enemy seeks to isolate you through sin and selfishness. If he can isolate you, you are weak and vulnerable to attack and susceptible to all manner of lies. So set selfishness aside to remain close and connected to family, church, and friends, despite the messiness and difficulty. Not only is it worth it, it is necessary! This is the Lord.

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