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If Jesus visited Birmingham on a Sunday, where would He attend church?

If Jesus visited Birmingham on the Lord’s day, where would He attend church? He is in His physical body, a chosen limitation, so He can only go to one. Which church would He attend? Would it be yours? Read the gospels closely, over and over, because you can learn much about Him this way. Once you do, consider this: would He come to your church? If so, what would draw Him there? If not, why not? I think sometimes we forget that our church should be a place where Jesus would choose and want to be, a place that reflects who He is and exudes His character, as the entire purpose of its existence is to worship Him. Not to have our needs met. Not to bring us joy or peace. Not to make us happy or inspire us. Those things may happen, but in Jesus’ words those are “these things”. The true purpose of the church is as a place of worship. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of “these things” will be added to you as well. So the church, first and foremost, is a place of worship. To worship is to express love and devotion, and love is most clearly expressed through obedience and emulation. Per Jesus: And this is how you show your love for me, by keeping my commandments…by obedience. And those in the early church were called Christians because it means “little Christs”, as they literally sought to emulate Christ. So is your church the one Jesus would visit if He came to Birmingham? Is obedience and imitation of Christ the heartbeat of your congregation, and all that it entails? Bathed in grace, filled with the hope of Heaven, yearning for holiness, submitted to the Father, surrendered to Scripture, loving and considering the poor and marginalized, awash in fruits of the Holy Spirit, and making disciples? It is an interesting question, and an important one – if your church is not a place of true worship above all else, then what is the point? As I considered the question, I thought Jesus may very well choose my church…and that made me happy, and very grateful.

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