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Why are we stubborn to obey?

click here to read about how this series came to be. I speak in italics, and our Lord in bold print.

Why are we so stubborn to obey you, even when we fully believe in you?

You are stubborn because the god of this world has passed this on to you. Stubbornness is a refusal to yield, a refusal to submit, an inability to acknowledge anyone else as god but yourself. To humbly obey is to recognize that you belong to another, that your life is not your own. To be stubborn is the impulse to resist this notion. It is buried deep and can only be removed with supernatural assistance…and pain. Pain is the price few are willing to pay to become truly humble. And so they retain their pride but little else, for the riches of Heaven must be withheld from the proud, the self-ruled, for they are their own god and thus must supply their own riches. This is the legacy of Satan, the chosen god of this world. All who follow him by following self will burn with him for all time. I say this as a warning, not a punishment. People need to know and fully understand the true consequence of their self-rule. They must be forever separated from me. This is the Lord.

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