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What happens at death?

click here to read about how this series came to be. I speak in italics, and our Lord in bold print.

We are going to talk about death, and what happens at death.

What does happen?

At death your soul is ushered to a different dimension, not part of this universe. There it waits, anxious for its eternal body. But the wait is short. Time as you know it does not exist there. It is a gathering place, and once all have been gathered, my Son will return to bring judgment on this Earth and bring it to its ultimate conclusion. The final battle will be won, the victory complete, and all the saints will be gathered. Heaven and earth will become one, and all will receive their eternal bodies. We will all be together, and it will be all that you long for.

What happens to those that don’t know you at death?

They are ushered to a dark place, outside of time. There they remain forever, in darkness and sadness, full of regret and anger. There is pain and wickedness and torture. It is the Kingdom of Satan with no common grace and no hope of redemption. He does what he pleases there, and his followers receive their just punishment. Make no mistake, I will not be mocked. My patience is long, but my judgement, when enacted, is real and terrifying. As I have said, all have a choice, and there are only two: Me, or him. He cloaks himself in many forms, but any rejection of me and my Son is to choose him. They receive what they deserve. You must trust me in this. It will be horrible and painful and unending.

This is why you should fear me alone. Not those who could harm your dying body but not lay a finger on your soul. Not even the enemy who lost your soul to me, as he no longer has any power over you. I am building an eternal family full of all of the best things that means. He is seducing those that would be his slaves forever, as his misery does desire company, minions, those he can torture for all time out of his own anger and frustration. Christians need to more clearly understand what is at stake. They are stuck in petty squabbles, distracted by the things of this world, and do not have their eyes on the prize…or on the fate of their lost and dying brethren.

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