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What came first, the sun or the moon?

click here to read about how this series came to be. I speak in italics, and our Lord in bold print.

What came first, the sun or the moon?

The sun came first. The sun is a picture of my glory, how it covers the entire earth with light and beauty and warmth. There is a reason that night and darkness are associated with evil – my glory is absent so evil has freedom to flourish. Evil wilts in the light of my glory, in the bright sun of midday. This is why all who know me are called children of light. And this is where you are to live your life – in the bright noon sun, fully exposed with no darkness, no secrets, nothing done or said in the shadows. That is where evil lies in wait – in the shadows, in the dark of night. To live fully in my Kingdom, live at all times in the bright, beautiful illumination of my glory. Give evil no opportunity to take root and grow. When you feel darkness calling, in any of its insidious forms, RUN to the light. RUN toward the sun. Let my glory wash over and renew you. And evil’s dark callings and utterances will wilt and shrink in the light of my glory. This is the Lord.

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