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Pride & Humility

click here to read about how this series came to be. I speak in italics, and our Lord in bold print.

Pride is still an issue for you, but the greater issue is the absence of true humility. True humility is making much of others (God most of all) with little thought for self, good or bad. It is being last, that others may be first. Sitting in the back, that others may have the place of honor. Being aware of others, and enjoying lifting them up. Don’t worry so much about yourself…think of how you may lift others up, especially Jesus! This is the humility of Christ.

Humility is not passive, it is active. It loves to serve. It loves to lift others up. It does not harbor bitterness or anger. It makes much of others, and finds much joy in others’ success. It forgives easily and quickly, with little pain. For to forgive, and to bear its pain, is “to know Christ, the power of His resurrection, the fellowship of sharing in His suffering, becoming like Him in His death.”

My son, I am teaching you humility not to beat you down but to free you. Free you from pride and self and the bondage of bitterness…it robs joy and steals peace. When you are bathed in the humility of Christ, you are truly free. Free from insecurity. Free from deception. Free from hate. And you are freed to so many good things: love, forgiveness, holiness, a lightness that you never thought possible. Surrender to humility, fully and completely. Surrender to loving others more than self. Surrender to finding your greatest joy not in personal achievement or personal glory, but in seeing Me glorified and your brothers and sisters lifted up and encouraged. Then your joy will be complete and your peace will be made whole. It is the freedom of self-forgetfulness. It is not a pipe dream. It is available to all that are mine.

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