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How did you choose your elect?

click here to read about how this series came to be. I speak in italics, and our Lord in bold print.

Heavenly Father, how did you choose your elect?

I will tell you how I chose you. I saw you, saw your heart and your mind and your unique personality, from before time began. Before you existed. And I loved you as I thought of you, as I imagined you. And I wrote you into this beautiful story…and thus you were “chosen”. So you see, you were more than merely chosen or elected. You were imagined, conceived and created in my mind as part of the story, and then “written” into it. This is the story of the elect. You are not simply chosen as if all of humanity is one big lineup and I walk down the line saying “yes” to this one, “no” to that one. And I am not making this up as I go along. All are playing a part in this story. Some are chosen as the “elect”, some are chosen for destruction. It is a mystery, my mystery, and you must trust me that it is good and right and holy. So you are written into the story as one of my elect, but this story is alive and more complex than you could ever imagine. So your choices matter, your obedience matters, what you do with the life I have given you matters very much! Again, it is a mystery, and you must trust me. But make the most of your part of the story. Make it an adventure! Fill it with love and hope and sacrifice, with generosity and kindness and joy. It will be worth it! Trust Me! This is the Lord.

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