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Don’t Limit God

All of God’s people experience Him differently.  I often experience the Holy Spirit in a conversation, and recently He led me to start posting some of our conversations.  I speak in italics, and our Lord in bold print. click here to read about how this series came to be.

There is nothing under Heaven that I cannot do. Nothing. So why do you put limits on me? Why do you restrain me with lack of faith and unbelief? Did I not cause the oceans to rise, and then recede? Did I not split apart the earth, and shift it this way and that? Did I not fill the earth with life beyond imagination? Am I not Lord of all? So why do you seek to limit me? Why do you stuff me in a box? Turn me loose! And see what happens!! “Do you believe because I saw you under that tree? You will see much greater things than that!” Cease being surprised that I actually exist, for that is how it seems at times. I do the smallest little things, and you are shocked! awed! Never lose your wonder at who I Am, but you may lose your sense of surprise that I truly exist. I AM here. I AM here! Cease being amazed or alarmed. Enjoy it, live out of it, help others to see as you do. This is the Lord.

While I never want to take you for granted, I see the sin in being too often surprised by your presence, work, or even existence. Forgive me Father.

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